Supplement Formats Montgomery Denton September 9, 2023

Ensuring that your delivery format fits your product’s beneficial intent and consumer appeal.


Somafina manufactures safe and reliable gummies with the highest quality ingredients and processes. We handle all aspects of production, from formulation to packaging, so you can focus on growing your gummy line.


Capsule supplements are among the most popular formats for private label nutraceuticals. With a wide variety of options, Somafina manufactures high-quality capsule supplements designed for your unique product line.


Somafina provides turnkey manufacturing for high-quality powder supplements, a popular, convenient and versatile product form. Our powder manufacturing services are ideal for both existing formulations and custom formulation support.


Private label tablets are a popular choice for health and wellness businesses. Our high-quality tablet manufacturing services are economical and accommodate customized color, size, shape and coating.


We manufacture premium liquid supplements in many best-selling categories. Liquid dietary supplements are convenient for consumers and can be a valuable selling point for your private label line of products.