Supporting creators of innovative supplements so the world can enjoy better health and well-being.

Premium ingredients: Curry leaves

Nutraceutical builders on a mission

Precise formulation

Supplement creators tap our scientific formulators' 40+ years of experience combining the highest-quality natural ingredients—enhanced by our world-class flavoring expertise.

Manufacturing excellence

We’re proud of our industry-leading turnaround times in our GMP-regulated facilities that operate under hard-earned NSF, SQF and USDA Organic scrutiny.

Scientific Testing

To advise and collaborate with innovative supplement creators, we invest heavily in R&D, and our testing lab and quality-control experts ensure adherence to the highest standards.

Packaging innovations

We put supplements in the right delivery format — packaged for consumer delight with labels and imagery aligned with your brand.

Premium ingredients: Turmeric powder

Finest ingredients

Our sourcing network yields the purest ingredients—including organic—so supplement creators get the exact product they envision.

Latest delivery formats

We empower nutraceutical brands to serve customers via the most user-friendly format—from gummies to gel caps to tablets.

Highest standards

Our science-based production features quality-testing and monitoring—all under NSF, SQF and USDA Organic scrutiny.


Our only mark of success is our clients’ success.

The natural supplements industry evolved to help people have better lives—with less pain, healthier skin, stronger immunity and other amazing benefits. As proven manufacturers for the industry, Somafina harnesses the latest science in formulation and delivery formats to help creative companies bring their nutraceutical magic to market.

We collaborate with innovators who spot consumer trends, customize products and build their brands. We’re fast, efficient and fully certified—all due to our manufacturing expertise and grounding in science.

Shared purpose

We collaborate with clients to develop natural supplements that improve people’s health and quality of life.

Shared success

We benefit and grow with you as we empower you to deliver great products, gain customer loyalty and scale your enterprise.

Premium ingredients: Acai berry

Premium ingredients: Acai berry

Certified by the experts

NSF Logo: GMP Registered for dietary incredients
NSF logo: GMP for sport certified
Health Canada Facility
MOSA logo: certified organic
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GMP Certified


Why innovators choose Somafina

Industry-leading turnaround times

Culture of meticulous science

Cutting-edge R&D, testing and quality control

Impeccable credentials with regulatory agencies

Delivery via gummies, capsules, liquid drops and other formats

Expert formulators, flavor chemists and factory engineers

Premium ingredients: Beet powder

Values we live by

Science harnessed

From precise ingredients to the right delivery platform, everything we do is rooted in expert knowledge and R&D.

Speed delivered

We amaze the industry with our ability to develop, make and scale new products faster and more efficiently than anyone.

Service uncompromised

We earn trust and build close relationships by responding to clients’ needs. Our goal is for them to know we’ve got their back no matter what.

Success shared

When our clients thrive, we thrive — and consumers benefit.